Abimael Dominguez allegedly had sex with a goat

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Dominguez's goat was found dead, which seems cruel. After all, it's not like it was going to kiss and tell.
Dead-deer ditch sex, copulation with a farm-residing goat... as we've said before, human sexuality is a complex beast.

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The latest example comes from Grant Township in Washington County, where 37-year-old Abimael Dominguez is accused of having sex with a goat. He was busted after investigators went to the extent of analyzing a DNA sample from inside the goat, which was found dead on a farm in early August.

From the Pioneer Press:
The Washington County sheriff's office responded to a report of "a dead goat and possible sodomy" Aug. 2 at Axdahl's Farm in Washington County. The next day, investigators learned that a vehicle was towed from near the farm the morning of Aug. 2 and then tracked the vehicle through an employer to Dominguez.

Dominguez told authorities he had been drinking. When asked by authorities if they would find his fingerprints at the scene or see him on surveillance video, Dominguez said he didn't know.

Investigators then took a DNA sample.

A partial DNA profile completed by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said the probability of selecting a random person and having their DNA match samples taken from the goat was about 1 in 110,500.
For the alleged goat sexing, Dominguez faces animal cruelty and felony burglary charges that could land him in prison for five years.

We called Washington County in hopes of obtaining Abimael's mug, but apparently his whereabouts are unknown. So beware, Twin Cities farm animals.

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