Allen Quist directly contradicts himself on gay marriage, is called on it, refuses to clarify

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Quist supports a gay marriage ban, yet thinks government should have no role in marriage. Let us know if you can figure that out.
The epic MNGOP primary showdown between Mike Parry and Allen Quist entertained us all summer long. Now, for an encore, we bring you Quist's first serious gaffe of his campaign against Rep. Tim Walz.

Last week, Quist -- he of 'men are genetically predisposed to lead the family' lore -- sent a statement to the Winona Daily News that said, "I support the marriage amendment because for over a thousand years, Western culture has defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman. I don't see a compelling reason to change that definition."

That sounds like standard conservative-speak -- nothing too interesting to see there. But then, during a public event in Winona this week, Quist did a 180 and said, "I think that government does not have a role in whether people should get married or not."


Reporters who have asked Quist to clarify how it plans to put that round peg in the square hole aren't getting answers. From New Ulm Journal reporter Josh Moniz:For what it's worth, Quist told the Daily News on Tuesday that his recent comments on gay marriage are "paradoxical but not contradictory." But he added that the issue isn't a particularly important one for him to begin with since it's a state issue and he's running for federal office.

Then why send a statement detailing your gay marriage stance to a newspaper in the first place? The whole thing is awfully... paradoxical.

-- Hat-tip: Bluestem Prairie's Sally Jo Sorensen --

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