Andrew Bishop, drunk Minnesotan, passes out on Wisconsin Capitol dome

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Bishop got drunk and decided climbing the Wisconsin Capitol was a good idea. Only in moderation, kids!
Andrew Bishop is a 21-year-old Roseville native who pulled off some Wisconsin-worthy antics early Sunday morning -- he broke into the Wisconsin Capitol through a fifth-floor window, then passed out drunk atop the building before being found by police.

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It's unclear why Bishop wanted to get inside the Capitol at such an ungodly hour, though in fairness, it doesn't sound like he knows what was going through his booze-addled brain at the time either.

From the Wisconsin State Journal:
[Bishop] had apparently scaled the outside of the Capitol and smashed a window to get into the building, then grabbed a fire extinguisher and threw it through another window, according to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court.

When police found him, he appeared to be passed out on a dome outside one of the windows, but woke up and began kicking at the glass, the complaint states.

Asked how he got where he was, Bishop replied, "I don't know." He apologized several times and said he felt like an angel and wanted to fly. Officer Justin Wichman said Bishop was very drunk, the complaint states.
A drunk angel who wants to fly, eh? Maybe there's good reason we can't buy Spotted Cow here in Minnesota after all.

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