Andy Parrish trolls Chris Kluwe on Twitter

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andy parrish troll.jpg
Parrish is arguably the state's leading anti-gay marriage crusader, yet he trollishly changed his avatar to an image of Kluwe.
Days after a Twitter war of words that culminated in him ducking Chris Kluwe's invitation to debate about the Minnesota marriage amendment, Minnesota for Marriage's Andy Parrish decided to troll the Vikings punter.

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Parrish changed his Twitter avatar to a photo of Kluwe. He took heat from one follower who accused him of trying to confuse voters with the new avatar, but Parrish replied that he's "just doing this for fun."

Here's a memorable exchange prompted by Parrish's trolling:

andy parrish trolling.jpg

It's like the old saying goes: If you can't beat 'em, troll 'em.

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