Anne Marie Rasmusson will receive at least $665,000 to settle invasion of privacy lawsuit

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Rasmusson will receive a nice haul for having her private data unlawfully accessed hundreds of times.
Anne Marie Rasmusson -- the subject of our February cover story, "Is This Woman Too Hot to Have a Driver's License?" -- will receive at least $665,000 to settle the invasion of privacy lawsuit she filed against the agencies, individual officers, and governing bodies that unlawfully accessed her personal Driver and Vehicle Services database information.

-- Anne Marie Rasmusson names cops in data breach lawsuit
-- Anne Marie Rasmusson's driver's license accessed 174 times in 2006
-- Anne Marie Rasmusson sues cops who accessed her record

That number could still grow -- Rasmusson hasn't yet settled claims she made against the city of Minneapolis and the state.

The St. Paul City Council has tentatively agreed to a $385,000 payout, subject to official approval later today. Via the Pioneer Press, here are some details:
In the proposed agreement, the city denies the invasion-of-privacy allegations and any liability for the claims made by Rasmusson.

Nevertheless, the settlement seeks "to avoid the uncertainties and costs associated with continued litigation of this matter."

"The city's liability could have been upwards of $565,000 because the statute provides $2,500 to be assessed per each unlawful look-up of the database, and we had 226 look-ups," said City Attorney Sara Grewing. "So we were looking at $565,000 plus attorney's fees, if we were found liable."

The settlement also calls for the city to remove her name, picture, address and any other personal information from the city and police department's internal directory and website.

Rasmusson, her attorney and the city attorney's office have agreed to the settlement.
Rasmusson and her attorney separately agreed to a $280,000 settlement with all other cities named in the lawsuit other than Minneapolis. A settlement conference between Rasmusson and the city of Minneapolis is scheduled for October 25, the Star Tribune reports.

Rasmusson's lawyers have declined to comment until the settlements are finalized, but it looks like Anne Marie will receive the equivalent of many years of salary in exchange for the mental and emotional anguish associated with having her personal information unlawfully accessed.

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Seated on a sofa between her two basset hounds, Anne Marie Rasmusson hardly looks dote the character of siren who would reason men to dash their careers at her feet. A former rob, she hides her 5-foot-2-inch compute below a bulky sweatshirt and keeps her blond hair clipped brief.It's more interesting here


I Smell a RAT: Math & FACTS do not add-up!  Rasmusson was offered $2.6 Million just from the City of St Paul. I know 3 sources directly in the front lines of this case in two Counties! Also look back at what was reported before: She was looking to sue $3000.00 for each time she was looked up,, Pioneer De-Pressed reports her info was looked at 226 times,, @ $3k each that,s  $678,000 and that was just the CIVIL part of the law suit.. If the REAL PAYOUT numbers would be reported, Mayor Coleman and the Chief of Police would be run out of town! Look for huge Property Tax increases in 2014... And the Media will tell us its for Schools & Children.

Fact is, She had these Cities & Counties boxed in,, The Cops BROKE the Law, know other way to look at it!  Federal charges next? You Bet!      

Charles D. Rhoden III
Charles D. Rhoden III

If they had just checked FB instead, it would saved everyone a crap ton of money.


It sure would be nice to have all the cops follow all of the rules. Maybe this will make them take a second look at thinking they are above the law.

Evik James
Evik James

You can buy my privacy for a lot less than $655,000.

Aus Tin Padilla
Aus Tin Padilla

I could buy a nice bit of privacy for $665k... A nice house out in the country

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