Bradlee Dean mocks Rachel Maddow's looks on Facebook [IMAGE]

dean judges maddow.jpg
The irony is, we'd venture to guess 99 people out of 100 find Maddow to be more attractive than Dean.
Bradlee Dean took to Facebook on Tuesday to take a cheap shot at one of his longtime rivals, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

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But instead of blasting Maddow for her lefty politics or support for "the radical homosexual agenda," Dean contented himself with making fun of her looks. Stay classy, Bradlee.

Here's what he (or whoever manages The Sons of Liberty Facebook page) posted:

dean maddow.jpg
Bradlee Dean Info blog

The irony, as Ken Avidor notes, is that Maddow was recently the defendant in a defamation suit brought by Dean -- a lawsuit that was so ridiculous, Dean ended up being order to pay the nearly $25,000 in legal fees Maddow and the Minnesota Independent spent defending themselves.

Don't worry, Bradlee. With all the dough you owe her, Rachel can afford the best makeover money can buy -- not that she needs one in the first place (and for the love of God, who are you to be judging someone else's looks? What happened to that 'judge not' stuff we learned about in the Bible?).

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