Charlene Hunziker told cop she's a Republican, therefore she shouldn't go to jail

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Civics apparently wasn't one of Hunziker's favorite classes.
Cops were called to the West Des Moines P.F. Chang's last Friday afternoon after Charlene Hunziker refused to leave.

-- Raymond Foley busted for repeatedly peeing on attractive female co-workers' office chairs
-- Justin Clark of Iowa had a BAL of 0.627, nearly eight times the legal limit

Hunziker, 47, had been kicked out after annoying everyone at the restaurant with a drunken pro-Republican political rant, but she refused to leave. However, what's interesting is the logic she used on the officer who showed up to haul her away, and it goes something like this -- 'I'm a Republican, therefore you shouldn't arrest me.'

The officer, as you'd hope, told Hunziker her argument didn't cut mustard and hauled her away.

From Wes Des Moines Patch:
Officer Chris Morgan said in his report that when he arrived, Hunziker reportedly yelled at him and said he didn't need to be there because "she was a Republican."...

A witness reportedly told Morgan that Hunziker was drunk and had been bothering other customers with her opinions about the [presidential] debate, her support for Romney and her belief that "Obama had ruined this country and ... Muslims were causing America all these problems."

The woman's daughter proclaimed her mother "an embarrassment" and walked out of the restaurant, the witness said. When restaurant employees asked Hunziker to leave, she "got in the employees' face and told them that she had rights and was refusing to leave."

After the woman told Morgan she was a Republican, he told her that he couldn't just leave - a statement she reportedly argued, according to the officer's narrative of the encounter. The report said Hunziker kicked, screamed and struggled as Morgan and a backup officer tried to handcuff her and place her in the squad car.
Unfortunately for Hunziker, it turns out the Equal Protection Clause provides no special privileges for supporters of the party of Lincoln and Reagan.

Hunziker was charged with public intoxication and harassment of public officials.

-- Hat-tip: panndder --

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They have P.F. Chang's in Iowa?

Andy Nordenstrom
Andy Nordenstrom

Idk about you Rich diaz, but i thoroughly enjoy when republicans make asses of themselves. Luckily they do it with amazing regularity.

mingtran topcommenter

It's only a MN alternative weekly if there aren't republicans to bash nationally, apparently. Constantly reporting faults about republicans and ignoring democrat faults isn't "alternative" either, it's common place and real sophomoric. Keep losing readership. Your friend, mingtran

Scott Gunvaldson
Scott Gunvaldson

I guess I'm not much better. I think all Republicans should be in jail.

Sara Haaf
Sara Haaf

Crazy lady needs a stay in the mental hospital.

CinBlueland topcommenter

 @mingtran MT, the customary excuse/explanation for this is "We're a blog, Not a news org."

Not to worry, "MichelleBachmann" will be here shortly to rant about Faux news or whatever the latest talking point is from MediaMatters, DailyKos or MotherJones.

CinBlueland topcommenter

 @Kieron  @mingtran Why not? Lots of decent articles about local events, restaurants, etc. 

Plus it's kinda fun to call out Aaron on articles like this, and occasionally troll MB..

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