Chris Fields debuts bizarre racial ad: "Vote for this black guy, not that one" [VIDEO] [UPDATE]

chris fields racial ad.jpg
Fields has made race an issue throughout his campaign against Ellison.
Chris Fields doesn't think Keith Ellison has done enough for North Minneapolis -- a charge Ellison vehemently denies -- so he thinks he's the better of the two black candidates running to be U.S. Representative for the 5th Congressional District.

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Or at least that's what can be inferred from Fields' bizarre new racial ad, which lasts all of nine seconds. Here's a full transcription: "Vote for this black guy [points at himself], not that one [points at cutout of Keith Ellison]. I'm Chris Fields, the alternative to Keith Ellison, and I approve this message."

Here's the footage:

In June, Fields told City Pages that Ellison offers "excuse after excuse on why he can't focus on this district and the problems that face this district."

As proof, Fields claimed that there is "20 percent unemployment amongst black people" and a "30 percent graduation rate amongst black students in Minneapolis," which he said is unacceptable.

"When you represent the congressional leadership for the district in Washington D.C. and you're in a district that is struggling mightily, call me silly but you have to do something about it," Fields said. "You hold that office, you get to pull certain levers that can provide relief here in the district, and no: Keith has been absent. And really, not focused."

But during his lengthy interview with City Pages last month, Ellison strongly took umbrage with the notion that he hasn't been focused of getting the Northside turned around.

"I live in North Minneapolis. All four of my children grew up there, went to parks and schools there," Ellison said. "Does Chris even know how to find it? Has he walked through it? I can assure you that the people in North Minneapolis know they got a very strong, consistent, reliable advocate in me, and they don't even know who he is... He's got a lot of nerve."

Fields' new nine-second racial spot was initially accompanied by a longer spot that said, sarcastically, "If anyone voted for Keith Ellison because he was black, well, that has worked out so well for black people," but that one has been removed from YouTube. The reason? Possibly because Ellison's name was misspelled in the video's text:

chris fields racial ad kieth.jpg

:: UPDATE ::

The longer spot has now been re-posted to YouTube, sans typo. Here it is:

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Another "all Muslims are terrorists" argument.  Congressmen Ellison went to the Middle East at the request of President George Bush to be a good will ambassador to the newly emerging democracy movements durintg the "Arab Spring"   Ellison has earned a lot of respect from a variety of Christian, Jewish and Muslim non profit organizations starting with his work as a state legislator.  President Bush recognized that and Ellison did his duty to this nation at the request of a Rpublican President. 


Candidate Fields should also understand that the Republican party left Lincoln in 1964 when they welcomed the segregationist Dixicrat trash who walked out of the Democratic Party over the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Now Republican Southern "Gentlemen" like Strom Thurmond & Jessie Helms held powerful committee chairs for decades and choked any civil rights legislation, environmental , consumer protection & worker protection legislation. Hardly the Party of Lincoln!


chris Fields is just another disgusting oogle who breezed into town last spring and has long overstayed his welcom. he should go back to where he's from.


CinBlueland topcommenter

I support the anti slavery candidate Graves.

Keith Hakim seems to think things are cool in Africa.. Well in one little nation. F all those others..

I adopted a fake "tribe" and i'm going to kwanza my ass off.. Silly white guilt liberals.


This candidate continues to astound me in a bad way.  What an embarrassment.  

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @mostlyafunguy If he was from the 6th congressional district he would be neck and neck with Graves because Republicans have become a group of insane idiots.  The only differance between this guy and any other Republican running for office is zip code. 

CinBlueland topcommenter

 @MicheleBachmann  @mostlyafunguy So you disagree with his numbers? What has Ellison done to improve education in his dist?

Ohhh yes he's a muslim and a big supporter of terrorists, sorry. freedom fighters who want to treat women as slaves.. Sorry got off track, why are you against Fields.


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