Chris Fields' then-wife filed a restraining order against him in 2006

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Fields thinks the Ellison campaign is responsible for the restraining order filing seeing the light of day.
Chris Fields, the Republican candidate challenging Rep. Keith Ellison this November, had a restraining order filed against him by his then-wife, Jessica Fields, in October 2006.

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According to court filings obtained by City Pages, Jessica Fields filed the order in Riverside County, California, where the couple resided at the time. In the October 12, 2006 filing, Jessica Fields specified that the restraining order was for "domestic violence protection."

Jessica Fields then signed a "Reissue Temporary Restraining Order" filing on October 31. A hearing before a judge was scheduled for November 20, but neither Chris nor Jessica showed up and the restraining order was eventually dismissed. The couple divorced just months later, and Chris has since remarried.

City Pages connected with Chris Fields yesterday, and he said we were the first to inform him about the existence of the restraining order. Fields acknowledged that "things happen in the heat of the moment" and said he and his wife were disagreeing about how to divvy up assets at the time, but insisted he's never acted violently toward her. The couple has a 21-year-old son and their relationship today is amicable, Chris said.

Fields said he was never served with a restraining order, but an employee with the family law division of Riverside County Court said if that's true, then the county's standard procedure was flouted.

"He would've been served, and then at the hearing [the restraining order] would've been granted or dismissed," the employee said.

A call to Jessica Fields wasn't returned.

Late in the day yesterday, Chris Fields released a statement addressing the restraining order situation. Click to page two to read it in full. The restraining order itself can be seen on page three.

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