Chris Kluwe and MN for Marriage's Andy Parrish engage in Twitter war of words

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Said Kluwe: "People like [Parrish] are exactly what's wrong with our system. Tries to call me out then won't engage."
Last night, Chris Kluwe -- subject of this week's City Pages cover feature, "Chris Kluwe takes a stand" -- and Minnesota for Marriage Deputy Campaign Manager Andy Parrish went at each other on Twitter. The exchange culminated in Parrish following the lead of other Minnesota Republicans and refusing to debate Kluwe about the marriage amendment.

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As you'd probably expect, Twitter users following the Kluwe-Parrish exchange largely sided with Kluwe, prompting Parrish, this morning, to remark: "If you're interested in seeing #Tolerance and #Diversity look at my twitter mentions from last night."

Here's the blow-by-blow:

Parrish then clarified his "good luck" remark, saying, "Good luck Thursday [i.e., when the Vikings play the Bucs] that is!"

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