Chris Kluwe battles government agent in new Vote No ad [AUDIO]

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Kluwe on the cover of this week's City Pages.
In a new radio ad, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe battles a government agent in a satirical skit riffing off his now-infamous "Lustful Cockmonster" letter published to Deadspin last month.

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Kluwe, the subject of this week's City Pages cover story, "Game Changer," has become a spokesman for the campaign to defeat the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, on the ballot in Minnesota November 6. As we report in the feature story, some believe Kluwe is also a sign that attitudes toward homosexuality are changing in major league sports, and it might finally be time for an active, gay athlete to come out.

The soon-to-be release 60-second spot is just the latest in Kluwe's aggressive stance against the amendment. Kluwe has also been trying to debate just about every Republican in the state of Minnesota on the topic, but in lieu of a challenger, argued his point with an empty chair instead.

The ad is being released by Minnesotans for Equality -- one of the groups opposing the amendment -- and written and produced by political consultant Bill Hillsman, who also appeared in this week's feature talking about Kluwe. It will begin airing Thursday on radio stations across the state, including KQRS, 93X, and KFAN.

Listen to it here first:

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Kluwe has been whoring himself out for attention and no one's taking the bait.  Good on them.  He needs to sit down and shut up.

Branden Strot
Branden Strot

you mean other then hearing him on 93x in the morning?

Mare Anderson
Mare Anderson

What an annoying man and a turn-off as a spokesman.

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