Chris Kluwe receives official citation in Maryland

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Photo: Facebook.
This must be a little awkward for Emmett Burns Jr.

Earlier today, Chris Kluwe received an "official citation" in the mail from the Maryland General Assembly, honoring the Vikings punter for his "work in standing up for the equality of all."

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By which they mean, of course, telling Burns -- a Maryland delegate -- that the legalization of gay marriage wouldn't turn him into a "lustful cockmonster."

Kluwe tweeted about the accolade this afternoon:

Here's the accompanying picture:

Photo: Screenshot from Kluwe's Twitter.

Last month, Kluwe wrote an open letter to Burns after the Maryland Democrat scolded the coach of the Baltimore Ravens for allowing a linebacker to publicly advocate for gay marriage. After Kluwe's colorful letter hit Deadspin, Burns retracted his criticisms, acknowledging in a Baltimore Sun interview that the player "has his First Amendment rights."

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