Christian Ponder apologizes to Matt Kalil for suggesting he has hemorrhoids on Twitter

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ponder kalil.jpeg
Ponder apologized to Kalil (far right, with '75' jersey) for tweeting about his bum.
It was all fun and games until Christian Ponder realized that the health of his brain depends on Matt Kalil's blocking.

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Last week, Ponder took to Twitter to razz his backside protector with a picture suggesting all is not well with Kalil's, um, backside. But he apologized yesterday, texting the rookie left tackle and telling him, "[A]ll you do is protect me and I should have never done that."

In fairness, Kalil started it with this tweet from last Thursday:

Just over 20 minutes later, Ponder counter-punched with this:

But Ponder must've had second thoughts about his joke over the weekend, because yesterday, he texted Kalil an apology -- an apology which Kalil promptly shared with his Twitter followers:

We'll see if there's any lingering resentment tonight as Kalil and the rest of the Vikings offensive line tries to keep Ponder upright and unscathed during the Vikes' nationally televised tilt against Tampa Bay at the Dome.

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