Christian Ponder is dating ESPN's Samantha Steele, one of the "50 hottest broadcasters"

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Sorry ladies, he's off the market.
When Christian Ponder told C.J. last month that "football is my girlfriend," we called B.S. No professional athlete as young, successful, rich, and single as the Vikes QB is going to content themselves snuggling up with a pigskin for too long.

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So today's news that Christian is officially dating ESPN college football sideline reporter Samantha Steele isn't really that surprising. And we'll bet Christian is happy to put the football back in the closet at nighttime.

Ponder confirmed rumors about his budding relationship with the lovely Samantha yesterday on Twitter:Afterward, in response to a follower's observation that "my boy [Christian] is doing grrrrrrreat if he's dating [Steele]," Ponder replied, "yeah don't ask how I pulled that off [because] I don't even know." So humble!

Here's what the Bleacher Report had to say in naming Samantha the 34th-hottest female sports broadcaster in the world last month:
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Wrote Steele: "I think I just lost my job..." Aww.
Sports Cred: The hopelessly adorable Samantha Steele got her start working for Fox Sports net after graduating college. She moved on to a hosting gig with ESPN's Longhorn Network in 2011, and her role on the network covering college football has been substantially increased since the departure of Erin Andrews.

Fun Fact(s): Samantha graduated from the extremely conservative Liberty University, so she isn't likely to ever engage in any entertaining hijinks. But she does love beef jerky.
A Liberty U grad, eh? Apparently Christian really is looking for a wife, as he suggests in these tweets:In any event, congratulations to the happy young couple. Now just don't let her distract you from studying game film, Ponder.

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Nigel Parry
Nigel Parry

fuck soft news. it's the default if you haven't noticed and we're already surrounded.

Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson

"you think they will all be hard hitting political stories?" The next one will be the first.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Ponder sucks.  No arm.  Average at best everything else.  He is a mistake that will hold us back for years.

Andy Nordenstrom
Andy Nordenstrom

ever heard the term "soft-news"? they post like 20 things a day, you think they will all be hard hitting political stories? most are little articles that are interesting to Minnesotans. local bands and celebrities are some of the stories. christian ponder's super hot girlfriend was a tiny bit interesting, not extremely, but it didn't ruin my day.


@adamstp22 a blonde? How basic, ponder. I'll stick with @JeffKundinger !!

Nigel Parry
Nigel Parry

Crass pointless celebrity fluff. Bring us real news and stop making us dumber.


@citypages Now tell me something important. #brainmatter

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