DFL mailer makes Brodkorb-gate a campaign issue: "Republican Senators play, taxpayers pay"

brodkorb mailer.jpeg
Do as we say, not as we screw.
With November 6 just weeks away, the Minnesota DFL is reminding voters which party is responsible for sticking Minnesota taxpayers with over $100,000 in legal bills thanks to an extramarital affair fiasco.

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Namely, the party of family values -- the MNGOP.

From MPR:
A mailer paid for by the Minnesota DFL party circulating in Senate District 22 near Luverne where Republican Bill Weber is running against Alan Oberloh reminds voters that taxpayers are footing the bill for the legal imbroglio that ensued after Brodkorb was fired late last year.

The mailer links Weber, who did not serve this past legislative session, to the Brodkorb-Koch affair.

"The same GOP Senators who are making you pay for their scandal want Bill Weber in the Senate," the mailer reads. "Don't let them get away with it."
The front of the mailer is at the top of this post. Here's the backside:

brodkorb mailer back.JPG

Between boinking Amy Koch out of power, waging a messy and protracted legal battle against the Senate for allegedly wrongfully firing him (and screwing taxpayers with six-figures worth of legal bills), and going on the record to say that the MNGOP-pushed marriage amendment is nothing more than a cynical get-out-the-vote ploy, is there anybody in the world who has done more in the last year to hurt the cause of Minnesota Republicans than Michael Brodkorb?

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