Disturbed D.C. man hauled away yelling threats against Michele Bachmann [VIDEO]

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We wonder what, if anything, Bachmann did to prompt the man to say, "You'll pay for this!"
The Washington Times published video of a disturbed D.C. man being loaded into a police van while yelling threats against Rep. Michele Bachmann yesterday.

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Though some of the man's shouts are unintelligible (to our ears, at least), he can be heard saying, "It's very illegal! You'll pay for this, Michele Bachmann! You'll pay for this!" (Let us know if you can make sense of the rest of what he says in the video.)

Here's the footage:

Bachmann wasn't in Washington yesterday, as she's in the homestretch of her tough reelection campaign against Democrat Jim Graves.

Here's what U.S. Capitol police had to say about the incident:
"Park Police put out a call for a man w/ a gun at union station. Then union sq. Uscp found a subject matching the description in the senate park. We processed the individual for mental evaluation. No weapons were found. No arrest was made."
No arrest was made? We imagine that won't be a reassuring thought for Bachmann whenever she returns to D.C.

-- Hat-tip: Ken Avidor --

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