Don't be fooled: Hurricane Sandy didn't set a Duluth seal look-alike free in Manhattan [PHOTOS]

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duluth seal sandy.jpg
There's only one Feisty, and she's not in NYC.
Here's the blessing of social media: When storms like Hurricane Sandy hit, folks as far away as Minnesota can get a first-hand look thanks to photos uploaded to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and elsewhere.

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But here's the curse: Thanks to photoshop and old-fashioned deception, it's sometimes hard to know whether the shocking image you're looking at is real or fake. Thankfully, in the case of Sandy, The Atlantic is here to help.

Atlantic Senior Editor Alexis Madrigal has created a "photograph verification service" tasked with the mission of 'sorting the real Sandy photos from the unreal.' In some cases, it's easy. For instance, hopefully you don't have too much trouble recognizing this "photo" of Grand Central Station as a phony (if you do have trouble, drop me an email about a bridge that's for sale -- I'll give you a deal):

sandy shark.jpeg

But on the other hand, some photos that seem too dramatic to be believed are actually the real deal -- for instance, this photo of Jane's Carousel:

sandy carousel.jpeg
From The Atlantic

But those of us who either lived through or closely followed the Duluth flood last June will instantly recognize one shot Madrigal rightly identifies as a fake on his photo verification page. It's of Feisty, the wild-eyed, freedom-loving seal who won our hearts when she left the flood-damaged Lake Superior Zoo and went on the lam:

duluth seal.jpg

As Madrigal writes, "This seal survived the Duluth Zoo flood earlier this year. He's [sic] now being trotted out as a 'wide-eyed seal' that appeared in Manhattan. Do not be fooled. This is not from Sandy."

Sorry, NYC, but you'll have to find your own straddling-the-line-between-cute-and-horrifying flood-liberated seal.

-- Hat-tip: Sally Jo Sorensen --

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