Goldy the Gopher as Bane: Awesome or bad taste? [POLL]

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Photo: Minnesota Gopher's Facebook page.
Earlier today, the Minnesota Gophers published a series of photos on its Facebook page of mascot Goldy's wide-ranging Halloween costume selections, most of which being pretty tame: Super Mario, Aladdin, a pirate.

But one clearly stands out among the others in the album: Goldy dressed as Batman: The Dark Night Rises villain Bane, in one photo holding a plastic gun up in the air.

Photo: Minnesota Gopher's Facebook page.

To be sure, there are a few things going on here that are empirically awesome. Like, where does one even get a leather jacket to fit a novelty gopher costume?

But one Facebook commenter suggests there might be an element of poor taste here, given Goldy is dressed as a character who in the movie blew up a football field that looks not so unlike this one:

So is this a really good idea, or in bad taste? We leave it our readers.

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this is such a stupid poll. nobody is offended by this.

Andrew Norris
Andrew Norris

bane is an awesome costume and it is very common that mascots shoot REAL projectiles into crowds in the form of t-shirts. Frankly, it's in bad taste that he used such a pansy gun. maybe the engineering students could've made some sort of air powered mine that shot balled up t-shirts all over the place....

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