Gophers' Donnell Kirkwood gets hit so hard, the 'M' decal pops off his helmet [VIDEO]

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gopher helmet.jpg
Kirkwood's helmet looked a bit like a Steelers one following the hit.
ESPN's Joey Galloway characterized it as "a first." On Saturday, Northwestern defensive back Ibraheim Campbell hit Gophers running back Donnell Kirkwood so hard, the 'M' decay popped right off his helmet.

-- Vikings have one of the ugliest uniforms in pro sports, according to ESPN

The play was somewhat symbolic of the game as a whole, as the U of M's offensive struggled to score points during a 21-13 loss to the Wildcats.

Here's the footage:

Things went from bad to worse for the Gophers after the game, as coach Jerry Kill had another seizure, this time in the team's locker room, and had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. He was released from the hospital yesterday.

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MicheleBachmann topcommenter

At this point its obvious watching the Gophers causes seizures.


I'm pretty sure that Kirkwood was the one that initiated the contact.  I suppose you probably would have known that if you would have actually watched the game.  I will give you credit for not using the "N" word this time though, let's all give Aaron a round of applause.

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