Hamline gay rights supporters holding "Rally Against Neutrality" later today

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Students and faculty continue to put pressure on President Hanson (right) to put Hamline's stances where its policies are.
Gay rights supporters at Hamline continue to call for school administration to reconsider its neutral stance on the Minnesota marriage amendment.

-- Hamline professor Stephen Kellert calls on university administration to come out against Minnesota marriage amendment
-- Hamline Wesley Award winners request honors be annulled over school's gay marriage stance

Their latest effort is today's "Rally Against Neutrality," which will feature an on-campus march, speeches, and candlelight vigil outside the Anderson Center while President Linda Hanson dines inside with the board of trustees.

The event is sponsored by Fifth Element (of Rhymesayers), Students for Peace, and Twin Cities Save the Kids, among other organizations and individuals.

Here's some more information from the event's Facebook page:
A peaceful rally to protest Hamline University's decision to remain neutral on the proposed marriage amendment. For social justice, love, equality and civil rights!

Rally Begins: 4:30PM at Old Main Mall, Hamline University, Saint Paul, MN.

From there we will march to the Anderson Center, listen to public speakers, rally, and come together for a candlelight vigil. During this time, President Hanson along with Alumni, Board of Trustees, and Students will be dining together in Anderson Center.

This is a peaceful rally organized by a coalition of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members to protest Hamline's decision to remain neutral on the proposed marriage amendment.

The goal of this protest is to bring awareness to the implications of the proposed amendment, as well as to show solidarity of the Hamline and broader community in our wish that Hamline oppose the same-sex marriage amendment.

We want our rally to serve as a conversation starter for those at the dinner, and the greater Hamline community in general.

Speakers Start at 5:45PM at Hamline University (Snelling and Englewood ave).
This week, Carleton College's administration joined Hamline and announced the school won't be taking a stance on the marriage amendment. Augsburg College remains the only "traditional college" in the state to officially come out against it.

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