Hamline Wesley Award winners request honors be annulled over school's gay marriage stance

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Schumacher (left) and Ramchandani (right), 'no longer recognize the integrity of the governing body' that honored them with the Wesley Award.
Colin Schumacher and Shona Ramchandani, two recipients of Hamline's prestigious John Wesley Award, have requested the annulment of their honors after school administration decided to remain neutral on the Minnesota marriage amendment.

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"I can no longer stand by a governing body that cannot stand by the same values of
 leadership and inclusion that the Wesley Award was designed to recognize," Schumacher wrote in a letter addressed to President Linda Hanson and the Hamline Board of Trustees. "I formally request that my 2003 Wesley Award be annulled. Accordingly, I 
request that name be removed from all public records of the award."

The dual requests continue the backlash Hanson and the board have experienced after she announced the school would remain neutral on the marriage amendment last Monday. On Wednesday, 85 percent of Hamline's faculty voted to approve a resolution stating, "We... oppose the marriage amendment that seeks to enshrine discrimination in the constitution of the state of Minnesota."

The John Wesley Award is given annually to the undergraduate or graduate student "who best demonstrate[s] a commitment to leadership and service that lies at the heart of Hamline University."

Schumacher won the award in 2003. He now works as an elementary teacher in New York City. Ramchandani, the '04 recipient, now works with the Minnesota Historical Society.

To read the full text of Schumacher's letter to Hanson and the board, click to page two. For Ramchandani's, check out page three.

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MicheleBachmann topcommenter

In related news CinBlueland has given up his "dumbest crybaby" award which he won from City Pages for his constant dumb complaints of liberal bias in City Pages articles.   When asked to comment Cin said "City Pages is the worst they are so pro gay marriage.  Whhhhhhy can't they be more fair, its not fair. *sniffles*   Liberals say dumb things too wahhhhh.  Why am I the biggest crybaby shutup the media is so mean reporting facts I don't like.  Wahhhhhh Be more like Fox News you big jerks.  This is all the union's fault.  Why can't I stop crying?  Oh great I've wet my pants.  This is all Obama's fault.  Wahhhhhhhhh.  Everyone is at fault but me and the Republicans.  Wahhhhhhh"    


I guess they won't send back the $5,000 though.

Michael J. Fischer
Michael J. Fischer

As a Hamline grad (1969), I couldn't be prouder than hearing of the integrity of these two students, nor could I be more disappointed in trying to understand the position the administration has taken on this issue. These students give me great pride in Hamline University. I'd be very encouraged to see administration re-think their anachronistic stance.

Vanessa Gadberry
Vanessa Gadberry

Colin & Shona are truly amazing people! This just made my morning!

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