"Hang in there Obama" sign, adorned with noose, displayed on Wisconsin roadway [IMAGE]

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Savka says his sign won't go anywhere until after election day.
In rural Redgranite, Wisconsin -- located smack-dab in the middle of the state -- an eye-catching sign is displayed alongside Highway 21.

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"Hang in there Obama," the sign reads, with "Hang" and "Obama" in large red font, so that the sign looks like "Hang Obama" from a distance. Some folks think the sign is in extremely poor taste, but here's the kicker -- the man behind the sign, Thomas Savka, claims he's a big Barack backer. The sign, he said, is meant to express his support for the president.

From Wisconsin's Fox 6:
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Said Savka: "If [the sign] gets you off your dead butt, gets you away from watching the football game, and go out and vote... then that's good."
"It's my attitude for it. Everybody's picking on Obama. It's the attitude of 'hang in there, buddy!' It isn't over until you're done kicking," Savka said.

Some who have stopped to take pictures of the sign say with a picture of a noose, the sign has racial implications of lynching.

Savka says that wasn't his intent.

"This has nothing to do with color. It's to get people's attention. If they're taking that direction from it, they're not reading the sign," Savka said.

Neighbors say despite freedom of speech, the sign is in poor taste.

"He could have just put it on there without the noose," [Redgranite resident Rachel] Kern said.
We know Wisconsin is a swing state this year... but we never thought about it in the Jim Crow sense of the term.

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