Jared Allen roughed up and bloodied by Tampa lineman, beats him for sack next play [VIDEO]

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Image by Tatiana Craine
Allen was bloodied by a Tampa lineman who somehow wasn't penalized for taking some after-the-play swings.
Between watching a possibly lovesick Christian Ponder lead one three-and-out drive after another and Tampa running back Doug Martin carve up the Vikings defense for 214 total yards, heading to the Metrodome last night was mostly a no-good very-bad experience for Vikings fans.

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But one fun sequence happened in the third quarter, when Jared Allen was beat up by Buccaneers lineman Donald Penn during some extracurricular shenanigans, then got revenge by beating Penn for a sack the very next play.

Here's the footage:

That one had to feel really good for world's most notorious fake calf-roper, don't you think?

And oh yeah, we told you Ponder plays better when he's single.

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Nicholas S. Goers
Nicholas S. Goers

And yet they still lost... Not much for revenge based on one play! Good luck the rest of the season!

Timothy Frenning
Timothy Frenning

If only other players played like Jared. ::Cough cough:: Ponder and the Secondary.

Charles Awad
Charles Awad

That was so awesome. One of the best moments of the year in the NFL.

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