Jason Bull, Wisconsin principal, threatens unruly dancegoers with Chicken Dance song

Categories: Weird Wisconsin
The homecoming dance at Sheboygan North High School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, got a little rowdy this past weekend after the students refused to refrain from busting some "inappropriate" dance moves.

North High School principal Jason Bull told the Sheboygan Press that the dance started out well, but as the crowd grew, the inappropriate dancing got a little more heated.

"There seemed to be a shift in students' response -- some students, not all -- from being cooperative to making a mockery of the expectations, and being disrespectful to chaperones and administrators [at the dance]," Bull said.

Jason Bull: Lord of the Chicken Dance
When Bull and the other chaperones turned on the lights to address the unruly crowd, some of the students began chanting curse words.

What got them to finally listen?

Bull told them that if the inappropriate dancing continued, the lights would stay on, the chicken-dance song would be played for the rest of the night, or the dance would be cancelled.

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