Jim Graves is a "robot," new Michele Bachmann ad alleges [VIDEO]

graves robot.JPG
Jim Graves is a robot programmed by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, according to Bachmann's new ad.
Two weeks before election day, Michele Bachmann is pressing her advantage over her Democratic challenger Jim Graves.

-- Jim Graves to Bradlee Dean: "Michele Bachmann is a wonderful person"
-- Star Tribune stands by Bachmann coverage, reporter's "butthurt" response to criticism

Today, Bachmann's campaign is paying for a promoted tweet linked to a new ad alleging that Graves is a "D.C. robot that won't work for us."

Here's a transcript of the ad, followed by the footage:
Narrator: Why are the big spenders in Washington supporting Jim Graves? Because he's programmed just like they are. Graves supports Obamacare, the failed trillion-dollar stimulus, and the $700 billion Wall Street bailout -- just like all the other big spenders. [Cue images of Nancy Pelosi and Obama]

If we put Big Spendin' Jim Graves in Congress, he'll just keep listening to Washington's liberal leaders, following their commands. Big Spendin' Jim Graves -- another D.C. robot that won't work for us.

Michele Bachmann: I'm Michele Bachmann and I approve this message.

Graves, for his part, insists he's a flesh-and-blood job creator:

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