Kevin Love is injured while sleeping

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K-Love's bed laid the smack down on him.
Kevin Love sat out Saturday's preseason game against the Chicago Bulls because of an ailing elbow.

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The injury didn't happen on the court, or even in the midst of a drunken escapade. Rather, it happened while K-Love was sound asleep, proving that you really can injure yourself doing just about anything.

And before you say, 'It's just the preseason, he would've been able to play had the game counted,' check out what K-Love had to say about the injury after Saturday night's game.

From the Star Tribune:
[Love] slept with his right arm extended off his bed all night Friday and when he awoke Saturday morning, he said he could barely lift a basketball.

"I couldn't shoot it 10 feet," he said... "Just a fluke thing."
But don't fret, Wolves fans. Love added he's "pretty sure it's just a 24-hour deal," meaning he could play during tonight's tilt against Israel's Maccabi Haifa, which is the last Wolves game at the Target Center before the regular season begins November 2.

Could it be that K-Love just really doesn't want to play in the preseason? If that's true, it's hard to blame him -- he missed a number of games his second year after breaking his hand during 2009 preseason action.

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@Wmrieth this happened to me before. True story.

Joe Moesch
Joe Moesch

You should see my nose. I have a big gash on it from scratching myself while sleeping the other night. As far as elbow injuries... I switch hands to make sure I don't fatigue one or the other :-)

Julie Haas Myers
Julie Haas Myers

I don't know...sounds like it could be a "repetitive motion" injury, if you catch my drift...

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