Kevin Love's head shaved by Larry Fitzgerald Jr. in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness [VIDEO]

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K-Love's new look is about more than style.
While the Arizona Cardinals were in town to play the Vikings last weekend, Larry Fitzgerald Jr. and Kevin Love went to one of Minneapolis' two Winston's Barbershop locations and gave K-Love a makeover in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

K-Love's shave is about more than aesthetics -- for every Twitter retweet and Facebook like the video receives, Fitzgerald and K-Love will donate 25 cents to breast cancer charities.

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"Get to pushing buttons. Sharing is caring," K-Love says in the video. "Do it for the women, man, c'mon!"

Breast cancer has affected Minneapolis-native Fitzgerald very personally. Nine years ago, his mother fell victim to the disease. As he explains in the video:
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Breast Cancer awareness is very important to me because I lost my mother nine years ago. I know the impact it can have on a family, the stress it puts on a family. We battled for a long time, never thought we would lose my mom, but it happened.

Kevin and I are here today to make sure nobody else has to lose a mother, a sister, a daughter to this disease. And we are going to do everything in our power to make sure that happens.
It's very classy stuff. Here's footage of K-Love's meaningful trip to Larry Fitz Barbers:

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