Kurt Bills ad linking Klobuchar and Petters is "preposterous," says Republican bankruptcy trustee [VIDEO]

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Bills' first TV ad essentially throws allegations against the wall in hopes something will stick.
During last night's Vikings telecast, GOP Senate candidate Kurt Bills debuted his first TV ad.

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The ad highlights accusations made in a Daily Caller report last week -- namely, "that U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar helped keep a multibillion-dollar Ponzi schemer [i.e., Tom Petters] out of prison in the late 1990s when she was the County Attorney in Hennepin County, Minnesota." But in a WCCO report, Doug Kelley, the former MNGOP gubernatorial candidate and bankruptcy trustee in the Petters case, calls the allegations made by the Daily Caller and parroted by the Bills campaign "preposterous."

First, here's the ad:

And here's some analysis of it from the WCCO report:
[The] ad is being labeled as false today by both Doug Kelley, the Trustee in the Petters bankruptcy case, and by a partner in the law firm that represented Petters whistleblower Deanna Coleman.

Kelley, a Republican who ran for Minnesota governor, calls the claims in the ad "preposterous." Kelley said Klobuchar handled the return of all Petters campaign contributions "honorably."

"She did just what Tim Pawlenty and Norm Coleman did - she gave the donation money to charity," Kelley said.
Bills campaign director Mike Osskopp admits he doesn't have a clue whether there's anything to the Daily Caller's report. From MPR:
Osskopp was reluctant to accuse Klobuchar of covering up a crime, even though Bills' name is on the ad that said she did. Instead, Osskopp said the campaign is running the ad because it wants the media to investigate the story.

"We're hoping somebody eventually demands that the media finds out the truth. What is the truth? Is what the Daily Caller said true? If it is, the people of Minnesota need to know that," Osskopp said. "If what the Daily Caller said isn't accurate then the people of Minnesota need to know that too."
"I don't know if [the Caller] story is true or if it's not true," Osskopp told WCCO. "Until someone proves that it's not true we will continue to run [the ad]."

Meanwhile, video has surfaced of brusque exchange between Klobuchar and a Bills tracker this week where Amy denies allegations she had enough evidence to prosecute Petters while she was Hennepin County Attorney:

It's going to take a lot more than a flimsy corruption allegation for Bills to take down Klobuchar on November 6. According to polling conducted late last month, Amy is more than doubling Bills up with a ridiculous 57-28 advantage.

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I saw the documentary The Second Fraud.  Seems the corrupt lawyer Doug Kelly who through a corrupt jude was illegally granted receivership of the Petters estate while also representing Petters.   He and his lawyer parasites buddies are now sucking the estate dry through lawyers fees.   See info at  stopthepettersscam .com .  Before Petters started his ponzi Amy allowed him to get off of money laundry charges while prosecuting his partner for doing the exact same thing.  Amy is not being honest about her involvement in allowing the ponzi to develop and should at least stop the current fraud by Doug Kelly and his lawyer/judge cronies.  Amy you have a chance to redeem  yourself.  You may get by with things here in MN with your MN nice image, but some day you will meet your maker. 


I heard Kurt Bills has sexual relations with sheep. Until someone proves it's not true, I'm going to keep saying it.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @skywalker I head this too.   I'm just asking the media to investigage and ask him about it.  Why do they keep ignoring the Kurt Bill's sheep lover story?  I'm just asking questions.

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