Last of the Minnesota Zoo dolphins moved to new homes

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Semo in the sun.jpg
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.
Semo, still a viable male, soaking up the sun at his new digs in Cali. Where the ladies at?
The Minnesota Zoo's two bottlenose dolphins, Semo and Allie, have been moved to new homes to allow for major repairs to the zoo's saltwater-damaged Discovery Bay building.

Semo, who at 48 is the oldest male bottlenose dolphin in human care, now resides at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California. Allie, 25, is now at Brookfield Zoo in Illinois.

The staff at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has expertise in caring for senior marine mammals. Semo is still a viable male, according to the Minnesota Zoo, and therefore will be introduced to four other female dolphins, apparently to possibly father some baby Semos.

Allie Tapeko Allison2.jpg
Brookfield Zoo.
Allie reuniting with her old pal Tapeko, who now has a daughter named Allison.
Allie, who is owned by the Chicago Zoological Society, was on a breeding loan at the Minnesota Zoo. While at Brookfield Zoo from 1995 to 2000, she established a bond with Tapeko, Brookfield Zoo's 30-year-old female dolphin. Happily, Allie and Tapeko will be reunited.

At this point, there are no more dolphins at the zoo, and, according to a statement by the zoo in May, it does not plan to house dolphins once the repairs to Discovery Bay have been made.

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