Laura Mulholland, Rochester anti-Obama racist, has a public Facebook profile

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laura mulholland rect.jpeg
Mulholland likes bikes. She doesn't like black people.
Laura Mulholland -- the Rochester racist whose backyard display features a bayonet-pierced empty chair hanging from a noose -- didn't have her picture published along with an online report about her anti-Obama views.

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But she does have a public Facebook profile, so thanks to the wonders of social media, we can shed a bit of light on who she is and what her political beliefs are.

First, in case you're wondering whether there could be two Laura Mulhollands in Rochester, consider this comparison:

mulholland house comp.jpeg

Mulholland doesn't reveal much about herself on her Facebook page (though she does inexplicably reveal that she drives an 2006 Lincoln LS while her husband switches between a 2002 F-250 and a 2012 F-250), but she has taken the time to answer a number of questions about political topics:

mulholland answers 1.jpeg

Let's face it -- Obama's beautiful oratory could've somehow cured all terminal diseases and reduced Mitt to a quivering pile of goo during the debate, and Mulholland would've still thought Romney won. After all, Obama's black.

The sad thing is, her vote counts for as much as mine. Such is the problem with democracy.

h/t: laxx1559

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