Linda Hamm pleads guilty to driving drunk and killing Maple Grove pedestrian

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Linda Hamm photo Hennepin County jail; vodka image espensorvik on Flickr Creative Commons.
Linda Hamm pleaded guilty yesterday to driving drunk and killing Ann Blake.
Linda Lee Hamm, 61, pleaded guilty yesterday to vehicular homicide for running over Ann Blake earlier this year.

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Linda Hamm had open vodka bottle in her car when she ran over pedestrian, cops say

Hennepin County District Court Judge Daniel Moreno sentenced Hamm to eight years in prison, but stayed that for 10 years and ordered her to serve one year in the Hennepin County Workhouse.

Hamm is also required to undergo chemical dependency and mental health treatment, and  cannot use alcohol or non-prescribed drugs and will be tested randomly. After she is released from the workhouse, she must also serve 120 hours of community service.

Blake, 54, was walking on a Maple Grove sidewalk with her sister when Hamm drove over the curb, onto the median, and hit her.

A Maple Grove officer had already been called about an erratic driver and he arrived in time to see Hamm, who was driving east on Elm Creek Boulevard, strike Blake and continue into the other lane and collide with another vehicle, according to the criminal complaint.

The policeman attempted to help Blake, but she was dead. The officer found Hamm with "watery, glassy eyes" and also found an open vodka bottle in the car, according to the complaint.

Hamm's breath sample registered at .169. Her blood sample registered at .18, which is more than twice the legal limit.

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Angela Salzl
Angela Salzl

This happened middle of day and it was busy as hell. The scene was horrific and kids saw it..... this ladies punishment she got was not nearly enough


Not a long enough sentence. She should have been jailed for the same number of years that Ann Blake will be dead.

Bob Alberti
Bob Alberti

Also not a good idea? Killing pedestrians.

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