Man with 'Vote No' car says he was left note telling him to "go to Hell you Stupid F****t"

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Two days after decking out his Prius in a 'Vote No' skin (right), Plount (pictured) received a "little love letter" (left).
Chris Plount, a full-time student at Inver Hills Community College, had his Prius wrapped in a 'Vote No' skin last weekend during an event at the Minneapolis Eagle.

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On Monday, he drove his car to the IHCC campus for the first time since the makeover. And when he returned to his vehicle after a full day of classes, there was a "little love note" waiting for him.

"go to Hell you Stupid Faggot! Fuck You!!!!" it reads.

Plount said he passed the note along to IHCC campus security, and officers scoured the parking lot security footage in hopes of determining the identity of Plount's secret admirer. But as of yesterday afternoon, their review hadn't yet turned up any leads.

Who's to blame? Plount, for his part, lays some of the responsibility at the feet of Minnesota for Marriage's Andy Parrish for 'fucking up kids' minds.'

But blame aside, Plount said he felt compelled to share his story with City Pages because "The 'Vote Yes' guys are always bitching about how they're so oppressed, yet they don't see what happens on our end of it."

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