Michael Brodkorb cries while discussing Amy Koch affair during Fox 9 interview [VIDEO]

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Brodkorb on the MNGOP's handling of his affair with Amy Koch: "It was an attempt to take over the Senate leadership."
On Friday, a federal judge lifted a gag order that prevented Michael Brodkorb from talking about his affair with former MNGOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, and before the weekend was through, Brodkorb gave interviews to Fox 9, MPR, the Star Tribune, and anybody on the street who would listen. (Okay, we made that last part up.)

-- Michael Brodkorb gloats over MNGOP's money woes
-- Michael Brodkorb files lawsuit against Minnesota Senate
-- Michael Brodkorb confirms Amy Koch affair

In the interviews, Brodkorb characterized the MNGOP's response to the affair a "palace coup" designed to snatch power from "Koch and those close to her."

Sen. David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, denies there was a political component at work in the way the Koch-Brodkorb affair was handled, telling the Star Tribune that "you have to consider the source." Brodkorb's lawsuit against the Senate for wrongful dismissal is still active.

Political intrigue aside, Brodkorb expressed remorse for the strain the affair and its aftermath placed on his family, friends, and colleagues. During his interview with Fox's Tom Lyden, Brodkorb broke down in tears and said, "I want to unconditionally apologize to my friends and family, and others impacted by my decision, mistakes... I will carry that for the rest of my life."

Here's the footage:

Brodkorb won't say whether he still has a romantic relationship with Koch, but either way, taxpayers are still getting screwed thanks to his lawsuit against the Senate.

The Senate has already spent more than $100,000 on legal fees pertaining to Brodkorb's suit. The judge's order lifting the gag notes that "no settlement was reached and no further settlement discussions are presently scheduled," so that figure will continue to balloon for the foreseeable future.

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Who knew... assholes have tear ducts.  I must have slept through that biology lesson.


plans to finish his undergraduate degree

Kenneta Fabing
Kenneta Fabing

Dramatics aside, I do think he has a valid point about being fired for having an affair when that's not common practice when the "affairee" is another woman. Somehow I think there may be more to this story than we know, but I will give a little nod on that detail.


Add it all up. Hyperpartisan dirt-dishing blogger worms his way into the MN Republican party leadership, runs up party debt like no one's business, then parlays his party job into a very sweet job at the legislature, a job that pays more than almost any other political patronage appointment you can get in this state. 


Said dirt blogger-activist then successfully woos the party's top elected official, becoming her paramour, thereby solidifying his power over the party's state senate caucus.


At this point in time we're way past firing, and need a serious investigation into Mr. Brodkorb's finances. WHO subsidized his hate blog, Minnesota Democrats Exposed? Did any outside organizations finance or assist him in his rise to power in the state party? Did any lobbyists or special interests shovel money to Brodkorb while he was playing house with the senate majority leader?


The only mystery here is why the new senate leadership is spending so much on legal counsel when this matter should have been turned over to the AG's office for criminal investigation.

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