Michele Bachmann's 'I do not do political speech' line draws loud laughter during debate [VIDEO]

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Graves criticized Bachmann for being all bluster and no substance. Bachmann cited the St. Croix Bridge as a signature legislative accomplishment.
Michele Bachmann and Jim Graves held their first debate yesterday in St. Cloud.

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It wasn't exactly an Ellison-Fields affair -- Graves didn't call Michele a "lowlife scumbag" and the 6th District congressional candidates didn't nearly come to blows. In fact, the best zinger of the debate came when Bachmann self-zingered herself in response to Graves' criticism that Michele "doesn't say what she's for," only what she's against.

Here's some context, followed by the raw footage. From the Star Tribune:
On entitlements, Graves said he would eliminate the $110,000 income cap on Social Security contributions. Bachmann said that would mean "the largest tax increase in American history" and said Obamacare robbed money from Medicare.

"You just heard some political speak there," Graves said. "Again, Michele doesn't say what she's for. She says what she's against."

Bachmann shot back, saying, "It's insulting to say that these are political speeches. That's one thing I do not do."

Michele doesn't think she gives political speeches? We usually say this figuratively, but in this case, it appears she literally has no idea what the hell she's talking about.

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