MNGOP House candidate Roz Peterson on Dayton: "We all know he's mentally unbalanced" [VIDEO]

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Peterson has been described as "a Michelle Bachmann clone running at a lower level."
MNGOP Rep. Mike Parry made headlines in August for characterizing Gov. Mark Dayton as a pill-popping drug addict. Around the same time, MNGOP House candidate Roz Peterson said the governor "is mentally unbalanced."

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Stay classy, guys.

In a recently surfaced video, Peterson -- a Lakeville school board member who is running against Democrat Will Morgan in a redrawn House district -- is seen getting some cheap laughs from a Republican audience she spoke to in August after she cracks a joke about the governor's allegedly fragile mental health.

She says:
We need to make sure that this seat remains conservative. And we also need to ensure that Dayton has balance in power, because we all know he's mentally unbalanced. (laughs)
Here's the video:

Dayton has admitted he's battled depression and alcoholism as an adult and takes antidepressants. Some might think his openness about those issues is commendable, but for Parry and Peterson, it's evidence he's unfit for office.

-- Hat-tip: Minnesota Progressive Project --

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