MNGOP Senate candidate Vern Swedin brags about making 17-year-old girl cry at Starbucks [VIDEO]

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Swedin says he made a teenage girl cry with a Starbucks stump speech.
MNGOP Senate District 24 candidate Vern Swedin thinks Democrats are rats, and likes to make teenage girls cry at Starbucks. Other than that, we're sure he's a great guy and a worthy successor to the impressive legacy left by Mike Parry, the outgoing District 24 Senator.

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During a speech to a Republican crowd last week, Swedin shared an anecdote about his "first stump speech," which happened to occur in a southern Minnesota Starbucks. And it was so effective that it reduced his listener to tears.

Here's a transcript of Swedin's tale (via Bluestem Prairie), followed by the raw footage (the Starbucks anecdote begins just after 11:00):
When I first started to run, we had made a decision in January, and I was kind of excited about it, so I'm at the Starbucks here in town and these girls were ordering frappe latte foo-foos and 'Do you guys sell coffee too?' I don't know what they ordered but I'm just here for a cup of coffee.

And one of them looked at me and she had said something and I said, 'excuse me, did you say...'

'Are you Skye's dad?'--my daughter--'I am!'

'Are you running for senate? We'd just heard that.' And I said 'I am, I just made the decision.'

And she said, 'Are you a Republican or a Democrat?'

And I said, 'I am a Republican.'


I was shunned by a foo-foo latte frap drinker, but I knew very little about what that meant. So I said, 'Who's buying the drinks, are you all on your own, are you all going dutch on this?'

'Oh no, she's has all the money.' So this girl had all the money. She's like, 'I have a cash card, my parents give me an allowance, and I'm buying all the coffees and the frou-frou frappe lattes.'

And so I said, 'How much money goes on to you card every week?'

And she said, 'So i work part-time and I get an allowance, about $88 a week.'

I was like, "Wow, how old are you?'

She's 'I'm seventeen and I'll be a voter this fall.'

So I say, 'Let's imagine' and I grabbed her card, 'Let's imagine that your $88 dollars a week, and I reckon that you work pretty hard for that $88,' and she was proud, she works hard for her money, and I said, 'What if your mom and dad took... your debit card and put $15,000 of debt on your card for you every month. How would that make you feel?'


'$15,000, when you start equating a $1.5 trillion deficit and you start doing the math in homes in America and you start thinking about a 100 million households, 1.5 thousand, 15,000, that adds up, we'll put it on your card. You're going to pay for this, instead of Mom and Dad. How do you think that would work out for you?'

[Swedin starts to fake tears and sobbing] 'My mom and dad would never do that to me!'

I said, 'But they're Democrats.'

So that was me first stump speech and I did it at a Starbucks.

Although District 24 hasn't been represented by a Democratic senator in more than 40 years, Governor Mark Dayton was in Owatonna today for a meet and greet alongside DFL District 24 Senate candidate Vicki Jensen. In the words of Bluestem Prairie's Sally Jo Sorensen, Dayton's presence shows "the race is serious," so perhaps Swedin will have to content himself with those waterworks-inducing Starbucks stump speeches for the foreseeable future.

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TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

that's right, attack the person when the man's policy cannot be played.

swmnguy topcommenter

What a cute little story.  What sadists find funny is beyond me.


That story sounds like he ripped it off from an internet chainletter?  This doofus goes around invading people's personal space, taking their cash cards out of their hands and giving bizarre explanations?  Sounds like he's a hit at parties.

Keith Jacobson
Keith Jacobson

He's definitely a bully. Only this idiot would "enjoy" being a bully. Shame on him.

Keith Jacobson
Keith Jacobson

Disgusting but then isn't how the GOP always acts? No surprise....'

mingtran topcommenter

He he. You're such a tool, Rupar.

Jim Creston Poet
Jim Creston Poet

It's also a man that would let her parents go bankrupt or die if they had no health insurance. He should have told her that story.

Andrew Rothman
Andrew Rothman

It's a great story. Really, Melissa? "Breaking down such a complicated issue into a simple model..." It's not that complicated. Our government spends way more than it takes in, and passes on the debt to the next generation. President Bush did it, and President Obama did it harder. I think any rational person so clearly presented with the truth would cry.

Brendon Hayes
Brendon Hayes

Proud that he stumped a 17 year old girl eh? Must have low self esteem.

Melissa Niederkorn
Melissa Niederkorn

The tone says all I need to know about this guy. Breaking down such a complicated issue into a simple model doesn't work and adding the bullying tone is unacceptable IMO. The fact is that the debt was and is created by BOTH parties. On another note, sometimes in order to make money one has to spend it. Start up a company for instance? Need supplies? Need product? You spend the money FIRST and then you recover and break even, and then you make oodles later (if your business model works). Good job making that 17 year old new voter cry, Swedin. ::insert sarcasm here:: I'm sure you showed her the same respect that you show all young voters. Just another politician using fearmongering instead of facts to gain votes.

Keith Morioka
Keith Morioka

What an a**, and who exactly got us into this multi-trillion dollar debt? Who started three wars on a CREDIT CARD as he puts it. Who put the BUSH tax cuts on a CREDIT CARD as he puts it. Um, Mr. Swedin, the Republicans are the true creators of the debt... Maybe we should take YOUR card to start paying for the debt that your party created...

Shaun Zimmerman
Shaun Zimmerman

I believe the term you're looking for is "Douche Canoe."

Yvonne Schram
Yvonne Schram

Wow, it takes a special kind of guy to make a random girl at Starbuck's cry. Good job!

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