More bike kudos: Outside mag names us one of the continent's top 10 cycling cities

Thirteen Of Clubs via Flickr Creative Commons
Any city with a pants-less ride has to make the top of the bike lists. Here, Freedom From Pants riders line up outside the Soap Factory in 2011.
Minneapolis has garnered top bike marks from Walk Score, League of American Bicyclists, Shermans Travel, and most prestigious (and controversial), Bicycling magazine.

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Now, we have another to add to the list: National adventure magazine Outside has named us one of the top ten best places to hop on a bike not just around the country, but across the continent.

To determine the winners, Outside looked at "smart cycling infrastructure," plus "vibrant bike cultures" and "lots to see and do on two wheels." On all counts, the mag puts us at the top of the pack.

After the requisite cold-weather mention, Minneapolis's bike bio begins, "This tight-knit community of bicyclists is the envy of many in the North American cycling crowd."

Then the shout-outs start: One on One Bicycle Studio, Tweed Ride, the Stupor Bowl, Cycle Twin Cities, Open Streets, and Minneapolis Bike Love all get name-dropped, as does "bike-friendly" Rybak.

That's just the culture. Outside also praises our flat terrains, Nice Rides, bus and light rail bike racks, and "34 miles of dedicated on-street bike lanes and 56 miles of off-street commuter trails." (The magazine may be using a different measurement, but the city's official count is even higher: 81 miles of on-street lanes, 85 miles off-street).

Plus, all those lanes and trails are promptly plowed, which means, as Outside puts it, "no matter when you might be in Minneapolis, you have no excuse not to ride."

One thing the listing overlooks: How many Minneapolis-ites actually take advantage of this sweet set-up. As of the 2010 census, remember, we were second in bike commuting across the country's 50 largest cities.

The list comes as part of the mag's special bike issue, and includes familiar names: Boulder, Portland, Montreal (home of North America's first bike share system, and the model for our own Nice Ride). Boston and Washington, D.C., which both have large-scale bike share systems, seem to be notable oversights.

It might look like Portland beats us out in Outside's ranking, but since the mag doesn't actually number its picks, we prefer to think that we're still tied with our two-wheeling rival. Plenty of bike love to go around.

The full list:
- Boulder, Colorado
- Portland, Oregon
- Davis, California
- Minneapolis, Minnesota
- Montreal, Quebec
- San Francisco, California
- Seattle, Washington
- Chicago, Illinois
- New York City, New York
- Vancouver, British Columbia

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Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson

" I see car owners (oops, few own a car anymore, they lease them) breaking laws all of the time, but I don't cry about it online." And they get pulled over by cops when they are around. I've never seen a biker get pulled over for blowing a stop sign, stop light, weaving in and out of traffic, etc, etc. If bikes want to drive on the road, they need to be licensed and treated the same way as a vehicle does by cops. We could probably solve our budget problems solely by handing out tickets to lawless bikers.

Jim Creston Poet
Jim Creston Poet

I think it's funny to see the venom some people have regarding bikers who ride to save the environment, save money, burn fat, etc. from people who sit in a 2 ton vehicle and can get from here to there much faster than a biker. I see car owners (oops, few own a car anymore, they lease them) breaking laws all of the time, but I don't cry about it online. If you drivers only realized how often bikers recognize your mistakes on the road, but don't bitch about them each time an article is posted about an automobile. Get a grip.

Kevin Gall
Kevin Gall

Now if they could only just learn the traffic law and rules of the road!!!!!

Garrett Bucko
Garrett Bucko

^^^ No surprise, they're the most discourteous commuters out there. If you want to ride in the driving lanes with the cars, you should also stop at all stop signs and stop lights.

Phil Gonzales
Phil Gonzales

Two! Two comments until the bike haters came out! Ah ah ah! *thunder, lightning*

Jill Bernard
Jill Bernard

It...snows here. For nine months sometimes.

Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson

Bikers here have to be some of the most oblivious and self centered people I've seen. They have their own freaking lanes, yet they choose to still drive right in the middle of traffic. Move to Portland, please.

Aus Tin Padilla
Aus Tin Padilla

Honestly, the bikers in Minneapolis are way better than in Portland... also the city is way easier to bike


 @East_Coast_Dougi'm sorry you were a fuck-up East_Coast_Doug, i mean, that's why YOU'RE here, right?


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