R.T. Rybak declares Zombie Pub Crawl Day

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Photo: Matt Gray, ZPC 2006.
You've come a long way, Zombie Pub Crawl.
It's official: The boozy, blood-soaked chaos that is Zombie Pub Crawl will be recognized with a formal day by the city of Minneapolis this year.

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Yesterday afternoon, Mayor R.T. Rybak tweeted a "welcome" at the event's account, noting the annual zombie-themed crawl is "The only time I like to hear that "Minneapolis is dead."

Replied the crawl organizers:

To which Rybak said:

We talked to Rybak spokesman John Stiles this morning, who confirmed that this is a for-real thing. This Saturday is officially Zombie Pub Crawl Day.

The event has certainly come a long way from 80-ish people roaming around northeast Minneapolis bars in costume. For a history of the event, read this week's print story, "Zombie Pub Crawl Conquers All."

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I saw several "zombies*" urinating publicly in city center ramp as well as a female "zombies*" defecating between cars in the same ramp...it's a simple case of "look at me" narcissim run amok.....*idiots/ shameless pigs


REALLY? Let's make a day for a bunch of drunks walking the streets of Mpls!! It's not enough that they have 2  stand outside of bars to smoke!! OMG!! PATHETIC!  Funny how they push for ppl to not smoke, but drinking,NOT A PROBLEM!!

Joe Hansen
Joe Hansen

So stupid! The pub crawl is such a lame thing... DISLIKE!


i knew there was a reason i liked R.T.!!  unfortunately, i live in chicago now - have a zombie-riffic day minneapolis!

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