Star Tribune stands by Bachmann coverage, reporter's "butthurt" response to criticism

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Pusey (right) thinks Brooks (left) is harder on Graves than she has been on Bachmann.
The Star Tribune recently created a stir with coverage of Michele Bachmann's swing through the 6th Congressional District that read more like P.R. than political reporting.

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One of the most outspoken critics of Strib reporter Jennifer Brooks' work has been liberal political blogger Eric Pusey, who writes for the MN Progressive Project. Last week, Pusey criticized Brooks on Twitter, and in response she somewhat curiously sent him a "Butthurt Report Form." So Pusey took it upon himself to email Strib political editor Patricia Lopez to see if she stands behinds Brooks' coverage and her response to criticism.

First, for a bit of context, here's one of the Twitter exchanges between Pusey and Brooks.
If you click on Brooks' link, here's what you get:

butthurt report form.jpg

Pusey, feeling less than satisfied, addressed the following questions to political editor Lopez in his email: "Is Brooks' juvenile responses [sic] the official response of the Minneapolis Star Tribune to this criticism?" And, "Does the Star Tribune have professional standards for how their journalists are supposed to interact with critics?"

Here's Lopez's response, which Pusey later shared with City Pages:
Mr. Pusey,

Thanks for your email.
Star Tribune journalists are expected to respond with civility even on those occasions when their critics do not subject themselves to the same standard.
Sorry you didn't like the story. We stand by it. Thanks for reading.

Patricia Lopez
Political Editor
Star Tribune
"Even on those occasions when their critics do not subject themselves to the same standard?" Ouch.

Pusey followed up with another email asking Lopez whether she feels Brooks' "butthurt" response meets the Strib's civility standard, but to the best of our knowledge she hasn't replied yet. Meanwhile, Pusey continues to decry the Strib's allegedly soft Bachmann coverage. From earlier this morning:

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To Sallyjos, with "the kitten in distress" comment--

It's not a "kitten in distress" story. It's a story about the leading newspaper in the state and how it treats Minnesotans who criticize its reporting. Sallyjos, pretend it's not MPP  personnel that's the recipient of Brooks' insulting communications. Should the Strib allow its reporters to respond to its readers or critics this way, publicly and without any accountability?


Seems Lopez took a few pages from Strib's former Reader Rep Lou Gelfand in terms of sympathy to butthurt.

Isaac S Hanson
Isaac S Hanson

The Star Tribune provides the best journalism in Minnesota. If you look at the website of MN Progressive Project most of their links seem to come from the Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio, which they then rant about. They should temper their criticism of the people that provide all their actual information.


Isn't there a kitten in distress somewhere that needs to have its story told?

Pinko Thinker
Pinko Thinker

that sort of flip can cut both ways. buckle up.

Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson

Lmao! I like her response. Fuck this politically correct bullshit!!!!


@Mitch_KSTP @NHazelbaker @strandj @DangerDoherty Haha, I actually saw that headline this morning and glossed over it like it was normal.

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