Student hands girlfriend note, tells teacher he's sorry, then shoots himself in classroom

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Students in an algebra class watched one of their classmates shoot himself in the head yesterday.
A freshman high school student in the border town of Fairmont, North Dakota is alive after shooting himself in the head during class yesterday.

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About 10 minutes into an 8:30 a.m. algebra class, the young man passed his girlfriend a note, told the teacher "I'm sorry," then walked in front of his classmates and shot himself in front of seven other students and a teacher.

It's unclear what motivated the student to do what he did. He was transported to a hospital in Breckenridge, Minnesota with injuries to his face, but is expected to recover.

School officials said they don't believe the boy, whose name isn't being released because he's a minor, was bullied.

Ron Stahlecker, Fairmount superintendent, told WDAY the incident "took us really by shock because everyone knows everybody and if there would have been any sign whatsoever I know some of his classmates would have said something."

The K-through-12 Fairmont Public School was locked down after the suicide attempt and students were eventually sent home, but classes will resume today.

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