Vern Swedin, MNGOP's Parry replacement, calls Dems "rats," says November is "Rodent Removal Month"

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Vern Swedin for State Senate
Swedin says he's all about bipartisanship, yet here he is, calling Dems rats before he's even been elected.
Sen. Mike Parry, R-Waseca, has been a lot of fun. But for better or worse, his failed congressional run means his time in the legislature is coming to an end.

-- Allen Quist flip-flops about his research in a Mankato "anonymous sodomy" adult bookstore
-- Mike Parry laughed at during subcommittee hearing, told to "pop some pills!" [VIDEO]

The Republican running to replace him, Owatonna entrepreneur Vern Swedin, has vowed to play nicer with Democrats than his predecessor, who infamously called Gov. Mark Dayton a pill-popping drug addict this summer. But based on rhetoric Swedin used at MNGOP rally on Tuesday, his vow looks to be a load of bull crud.

From the Owatonna People's Press (emphasis mine):
Swedin made those in attendance laugh with his "spelling lesson."

"The last four letters American is 'I can.' The last four letters in Republican is 'I can.' The last four letters of Democrats are 'rats,' and remember November is Rodent Removal Month," he said.
As pointed out by Bluestem Prairie's Sally Jo Sorensen, Swedin's "rats" rhetoric is especially absurd because he's made a point of repeatedly saying he plans to work together with Democrats.

For instance, Swedin's website says, "I will not engage in attacking my opponents or their party. I am committed to cooperation, understanding and working together across party lines to focus on human need, not political gain."

Furthermore, earlier this month, the Mankato Free Press quoted Swedin as saying, "I don't like to be adversarial."

So Swedin has already broken a campaign promise. Will Senate District 24 voters make him pay next month by electing his Democratic opponent, small business owner Vicki Jensen?

Don't count on it. Though the Free Press notes that his southern Minnesota district "has been trending more Democratic" recently, the fact of the matter is that a DFL senator hasn't held the District 24 seat in more than 40 years.

Swedin, for what it's worth, took to the Owatonna People's Press comment section to try and defuse the criticism his "rats" remark has created. Here's what he wrote:
I'm not sure which is worse? Party politics or reporting used to sensationalize the division.

The joke was for the event attendees, I have equally as many Republican jokes that I share because humor is fun, apparently not for all... and let's face it, political parties are the simply easy to joke about.

What our reporter failed to describe...

I started my speech with the failure of politics, "Whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent, a core problem with politics is that Politicians are measured by and large by what they spend rather than what they save."

As for attack ads... I am ashamed of all independent, party and others that distort truth, create lies and batter any person that is offering to be a public servant, period.
Yup, the classic 'blame it on the reporter' move. Always a sound strategy when you're hoping for more favorable coverage.

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Governor MARY Dayton? LOL. Does anyone at City Pages knows to use spellcheck?

Nick Towery
Nick Towery

Beat me to almost that exact comment, Michelle. For the record you guys should post more gaffes and errors from liberals seeing as how they are just as prone if not more to making asses of themselves.


It's funny how the folks outstate keep nominating and electing assholes. Makes me think that all the nice people I've met who live in those districts are really just closeted jerks.

CinBlueland topcommenter

 @rvm4 Funny how the metro is full of smug pretentious assholes.


 @rvm4 Unlike you, who boldly and aggressively stereotypes here on City Pages. Hope not to meet you anywhere, urban or rural.


 @Sallyjos If you're one of the folks who keep electing these assholes, I would welcome the opportunity to meet and ask "why?"

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @rvm4  @CinBlueland  Keep in mind CinBlueland regularly "likes" openly racist comments on City Pages.  He constantly trolls using sexist and homophobic language.   Republicans are the problem.  Racism, sexism, and homophobia run rampant through that party.  Bigots are rewarded.  When you have a party of bigots that constantly lie people are going to get mad.  Especially a muslim congressman who has watched those bigots try to prevent mosques from being built while calling all muslims traitors.    Republicans have spent so much time and energy trolling Keith Ellison.  Even Jesus got pissed and beat up all the bankers in the temple.   Read any story about black people or muslims on yahoo and you will see bigots like Cinblueland typing the most horrible things.  You do that long enough, people are going to start to explode. 


 @CinBlueland  @Sallyjos But were those comments made by elected officials? (If yes, they need a serious attitude adjustment).

I agree that the bipartisan spirit has been laundered out of today's politics but that is exactly why, when I see someone professing bipartisanship turn on a dime, my smug inner jerk speaks out.

Third (fourth, fifth) party: I used to think "maybe..." but there's no way - our system doesn't allow for more than two opinions in the room at the same time.

CinBlueland topcommenter

 @rvm4  @Sallyjos rvm, I'd give up on bipartisan for awhile. Today's polarized environment aint nobody budging on anything.

Try this, some of the comments post 2008 election.

"Suck it, we won"

"We're in charge get to the back of the bus" etc etc.


I'd like to say go 3rd party, but can you imagine Green's and Libertarians being any better?


 @CinBlueland  @Sallyjos Maybe. But as far as I can tell, we're not sending people to the Legislature who profess to want to work across the aisle, but then turn around and name-call those same people. Try this:


Bill: Hey, Bob, could you help me paint my fence?

Bob: Sounds great!

Bill (to Jim): Man, that Bob is a rat.


Do you think Bob is going to want help Bill?


There's no doubt that the elected officials we smug, pretentious metro dwellers elect are also prone to assholishness (see recent Ellison "scumbag" incident as example) but the folks who get elected from the non-metro really seem to revel in BEING assholes.

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