Vikings' Josh Robinson penalized for WWE-style suplex on ex-Vike Burleson [VIDEO]

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Mr. Perfect would be proud of his hometown team.
Maybe rookie cornerback Josh Robinson was watching WWE clips for inspiration before the Vikings' surprising 20-13 win in Detroit yesterday.

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Because during the second quarter, Robinson did his best Chris Benoit impression and delivered a nasty German suplex to ex-Viking Nate Burleson. Despite seemingly being a clean (albeit rough) tackle, the non-replacement refs penalized Robinson for roughing.

Here's the footage:

After seasons of ineptitude, it was great to see a hard-hitting Vikings secondary -- featuring impressive rookies Robinson and safety Harrison Smith -- dominate a supposedly formidable passing offense and pick up and important NFC North road victory.

In fact, with Adrian Peterson rushing for over 100 yards for the first time since blowing out his knee, special teams accounting for two return touchdowns, and the defense looking surprisingly stout, the only thing that was disappointing yesterday was the passing game. That got us thinking -- maybe Christian Ponder is dating somebody again?

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Branden Strot
Branden Strot

maybe start wearing tinfoil hats and bras? it was a terrible call.

Yael Vargas
Yael Vargas

Vikes should give him a bonus, about time they have DBs that play like they mean it.

Kevin McManamon
Kevin McManamon

That tackle was waaaay too aggressive for football. I think he should have politely asked him to just sit down. Or maybe they should just start wearing flags and play flag football.

Soda Partier
Soda Partier

We got flagged for tackling. That's hilarious.

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