Voicemail warns Treehouse Records about offending half its customers with 'Vote No' signs [AUDIO]

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One conservative customer believes Treehouse is digging its own grave by wearing its liberalism on its windows.
Treehouse Records has posted the audio of an anti-liberal and anti-gay marriage voicemail on its Facebook page.

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The voicemail, left over the weekend, warns store management about alienating conservative patrons with the "ridiculous orange 'No' signs" posted on Treehouse's 26th and Lyndale storefront.

Here's a partial transcript of the voicemail, left by a customer who says his patronage of the store extends back to when it was known as Oar Folkjokeopus, followed by the audio.
I see you've got that ridiculous orange "No" sign. Well, you know what, don't you ever think you might offend of half your audience, or half of the people who buy and support your store who might be conservatives?...

The bottom line is I have 5,000 vinyl records, and I would support your store but you know what? When you [put up liberal signs], you isolate half of your supporters. And the bottom line is you probably notice you're not making as much money as you probably want and I'm going to tell you the reason why. It's because conservatives work. Conservatives pay the money in this country...

As far as your gay marriage, it has nothing to do with bigotry. You start redefining things, what is going to be next? Marry your daughter? Marry your dog?

The voicemailer also goes on to describe Treehouse's Uptown clientele as "tattooed weird freaks," so it's reasonable to assume Pat Boone albums make up a good chunk of his 5,000-record collection.

-- Hat-tip: Bob Collins --

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