'War on Native Mob:' Duluth buildings tagged with Gangster Disciple signs

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Photo: Courtesy Rev. John Wurst.
The Gangster Disciples are a rival gang to Native Mob.
In what reads like a declaration of war against the Native Mob, several Duluth buildings -- including a church shed -- were tagged with gang signs this weekend, most prominently the symbol of the Gangster Disciples.

Among the tags: "War on Native Mob," "Shoot 2 Kill," and "Gangster Diciple [sic] Here to Stay."

William Dallas Chaboyea guilty in '96 murder of Native Gangster Disciple
COVER: The Banishing

Aside from a shed belonging to The Lutheran Church of Christ the King, a vacant gas station was heavily tagged. The good news, say Rev. John Wurst, pastor for the church, is most of the graffiti isn't visible to passersby.

"Fortunately, it's on a side that most drivers and pedestrians would miss," he says.

Wurst also doesn't believe his church was targeted, and says he harbors no ill will toward the vandals.

"Whoever it was, no ill feelings," he says. "None whatsoever."

As of this afternoon, no arrests have been made, says Officer Jim Hansen, spokesman for the Duluth Police Department. Hansen says gang turf wars haven't been a problem in Duluth -- "none of that going on up here" -- adding he's not certain that gang members are behind the tags.

"For me to say that would be a stretch until after we actually catch the people involved," says Hansen.

Here are some photos of the vandalism, provided by Wurst:


The church shed, tagged with the Gangster Disciples symbol:
church shed 560.jpg

The gas station, near the intersection of West 42nd and Grand avenues:


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We still out here NATIVE MOB FAMILY

CinBlueland topcommenter

Probably the same kind of clowns that have always been there.

Recent imports from Mpls/Chicago/Milwaukee who might have known someone in a gang, might have even been in but a super low level nobody.. Move to Duluth and try and act like king thug.

Unfortunately they usually run into reality.. Gang power comes from numbers, and there are far more Natives and rednecks up there than "bangers".

Taire Marie
Taire Marie

These are done by bored kids.GD is not even a prevelant gang.Just some punks with spray paint.Get over it.

Sara Haaf
Sara Haaf

Just think if they put all that effort into being productive members of society.

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