Wisconsin parents punish daughter by posting embarrassing photos on her Facebook page

wisconsin parents.jpg
This couple confiscated their daughter's phone and punished her by posting pics of this sort on her Facebook page.
Parenting in the social media age: When your daughter "gets fresh," you don't ground her. Instead, you punish her by posting embarrassing photos of yourself and your spouse on her Facebook page.

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Or at least, that's the strategy employed by one Wisconsin couple.

The unusual punishment came to light on Reddit, where someone with the handle AustinMac (presumably the girl's brother) posted this:

wisc parents SG.jpg

He then followed up with a bit more information about why his parents were punishing his sister in the first place:

wisc parents SG 2.JPG

He also shared the photo at the top of this post -- one presumably featuring his parents -- to illustrate the unusual Facebook punishment.

The photo isn't that embarrassing, so assuming the punishment fits the crime, the girl must not have done anything too dastardly.

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