Wisconsin trooper nearly gets crushed by semi during roadside pullover [VIDEO]

wisconsin semi.jpeg
A tired semi driver came within inches of slamming into a trooper and a car he had pulled over.
Talk about a close call.

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Last week, a Wisconsin trooper was in the midst of a traffic stop alongside Interstate 94 in Eau Claire County when he and the car he had pulled over came within inches of being crushed by a semi. The near-miss was captured on the trooper's dashboard cam.

Here's the footage:

In a statement, Wisconsin State Patrol Captain Jeffrey Frenette points out that "If [the trooper] had been standing on the left or driver-side of the vehicle, there's no doubt in my mind he would have been hit by the semi traveling at highway speed."

"The semi driver eventually was stopped and issued multiple citations," Frenette added. "The driver also was fatigued, which was a factor in the incident."

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