Zeus Jones releases free "Vote No" wedding bands

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The rings "are designed to raise awareness and be a conversation starter," Erickson said.
Zeus Jones, a Lyn-Lake-based marketing and branding agency, has devised a unique way to show solidarity with the "For All" rights cause -- free "Vote No" wedding bands.

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"It's about applying the skills we have to stuff we're passionate about," Zeus Jones partner Christian Erickson told City Pages.

In a blog post, Zeus Jones staffer Becky Lang explains the motivation behind the project:
I have seen a miraculous change in public sentiment in the past year, with more and more people coming out in support of gay marriage, including our president and companies like General Mills, who we work with every day. To me, this signifies that opposing gay marriage is becoming less of a political stance and more of a civil rights issue. This means that gay rights are not something to be quiet about anymore, to dance around out of fear and diplomacy, but to acknowledge and fight for.

When I was growing up, the kids around me would use "gay" as a slanderous term to intimidate and bully one another. I don't know if this happens as much anymore, but I like to envision a future where children are actually horrified to learn that kids of the past were raised with such hateful views.

The pain, bullying and suicides that have resulted from the societal attitude that supports this constitutional amendment should no longer go ignored. It's time to stop treating a whole population of our country like they are second-class citizens.

As Mike Schmidt, strategist at Zeus Jones put it, "This is our generation's civil rights issue. I'd rather be on the side of progress than be on the side of hate, fear and discrimination."

So join us in showing your support for gay marriage by wearing one of our For All rights, and using them as a chance to create more dialog around this issue.
For information about how to get a set of rings, check out votenoforall.com.

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have mine, and my group of loved ones are passing them out on a "larger" scale. we hope to move a thousand by next week. through our network they'll be handed out at ING, Remax, General Mills, Eden Prairie public schools, U of M St Paul campus, Walser etc. in addition to these rings, we are handing out stickers on voting day that we bought in bulk online. thank you so much for this opportunity, Zeus Jones. this is a wonderful idea, and the rings are a real conversation starter! @zeusjones  @votenoforall  


@amylstubbs Thank you! Consider them ordered!

Heather Schluter
Heather Schluter

Got my rings!!! :D LOVE them, but they're too big for my ring finger. I got smalls.

Pete Ryan
Pete Ryan

I got a set at Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Bar Thanks guys!


@caerickson @VoteNoForAll Molly and I got ours the other day in the mail, thanks!

Abbey Jensen
Abbey Jensen

Have mine. .. I'm passing out the rest in southern MN this weekend :-)

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