The best Craigslist Missed Connections on election day 2012

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ocean yamaha
Did you find love on the ballot?
Presidential elections only happen once every four years, and that means getting exposed to a whole new potential dating pool group of people at the polls. There's just something about exercising our civic duty that gets us all hot and bothered, but we prefer stuffing our faces with junk food and watching exit polls after voting... not a date.

However, a quick trip to Craigslist's Missed Connections reminds us that sometimes Cupid's arrow hits in the strangest places. From cool moms to helpful volunteers, we compiled some of our favorite folks that just wanted a chance to stuff those ballots together on Tuesday if you catch our drift.

This guy cast his vote for this special lady a while ago, but it looks like someone else won her heart. At least they can both rejoice over Obama's hold on White House.


She needs this scrubs-donning dude's number. Stat.

Election day was a big win for women, especially of the bakery-scented variety.
tall blonde.png

At Pershing Park Community center, this man cast his vote for a different volunteer.

This girl campaigned hard for a seat in the white car, but lost out.
voting table.png

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