Adrian Peterson slaps boy's face during touchdown celebration [VIDEO]

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AP carved up the Lions defense for 171 yards and a TD during the Vikings' 34-24 win.
Adrian Peterson debuted a new and intriguing touchdown celebration yesterday afternoon after ripping through the Detroit Lions defense for a back-breaking 61-yard fourth-quarter touchdown -- The Little Kid Face Slap.

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AP is known for having ridiculously strong hands, so he probably just meant to pat the young Vikings fan on the cheek. After all, Peterson's Twitter profile asks his followers to "help at-risk kids," so it's not he has it out for youngsters or something. Nonetheless, what was meant as a love tap looks amusingly like a bitch slap on film.

Here's the footage:

And if you're in the mood to watch footage of the Vikings bitch-slapping the Lions, here's yesterday's highlights (for the AP touchdown run, fast-forward to 1:43):

Let's hope Peterson has many more opportunities to slap little kids (preferably young Packers fans) after touchdown runs during the 6-4 Vikings' final six games.

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Wade Shores
Wade Shores

no and a large stretch on being newsworthy.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Big deal! When I was a pup, we got spanked by Presidents till the cows came home. Grover Cleveland spanked me on two nonconsecutive occasions.

ChazDanger topcommenter

You can take this video 2 ways. 

1.  A.P. was going for a high five and happened to connect with the kids face.

2. A.P. is a beast and can do anything he wants after he scores a touchdown.  Slap a child? for sure!

Todd Hurst
Todd Hurst

Wasn't really a slap, more of a high five to the kids cheek.

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