Amy Klobuchar: "For the first time, there was a traffic jam in the Senate women's bathroom"

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Klobuchar on longer Senate bathroom lines: "It's wonderful." Apparently she didn't have to go that bad.
Amy Klobuchar was heeding nature's call yesterday when she had an unprecedented experience.

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"For the first time, there was a traffic jam in the Senate women's bathroom," she told attendees of the Washington Ideas Forum later in the day. "There were five of us in there, and there are only two stalls."

Last week's election ushered in a record number of women both in the Senate (20) and House of Representatives (81). For some perspective, consider that in 1992, there were only two female senators.

From PBS:
For the first time in history, women and minorities will make up the majority of one party in the House of Representatives. Women's issues have been prominent legislatively and on the campaign trail. One of the most prominent examples is the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which President Obama regularly and proudly cites as the first bill he signed into law. A campaign that included a focus on health issues and women's equity and saw both parties wooing female voters helped bring about the largest demographic shift in the history of our national legislative body.

"There have been surges in minority membership at certain moments in the past -- Reconstruction, for instance," said Beverly Gage of Yale University. "But this year's election is unprecedented both in numbers and in range. We're not talking about new senators and congressmen from a few isolated pockets of society, but something much more widespread. Women and minority politicians have increased access to both new and established networks of power and influence, and that access has begun to pay off in electoral success."

Ironically enough, a major factor contributing to this year's wave was the number of male politicians stumbling over themselves as they indelicately discussed rape and abortion...
With lines in the Senate women's bathroom becoming an issue for the first time in history, sounds like it might be time to spend some taxpayer dollars on a facilities upgrade. Good thing four out of the five newly elected female senators are free-spending Democrats.

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